Straight path to better golf

In mechanical terms in the golf swing three variables affect the straightness of shots. Path, contact on face and whether your club face is correct at impact. I believe the path is the foundation of the golf swing. From video taping tour players it is rare that their path would be off neutral (straight to the target ) by more than 2 degrees. In fact one advantage of living in San Diego is a lot of manufacturers are right here in Carlsbad. During the Farmers Insurance Open tour players will go in to get equipment and Trackman data supports the video footage I have gotten over the years.
Every time a student comes for a lesson I check their path not only that it is correct but that it stays the same. If a student normally swings inside two degrees and shows up one degree outside they are still on an acceptable path but that slight change would require a different club face position at impact and could also cause off center contact on the face.
My goal for students is to not miss shots due to a different path. Once you build that into your swing the focus then can be on improving center contact and/or your ability to correctly return the club face at impact.

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