Steve Stricker’s Putting

This year Steve Stricker made news for his excellent performance on the PGA tour playing a limited schedule and also for being responsible for Tiger Wood’s improved putting.  I captured his putting and full swing at the World Match Play in Marana Arizona this past February before he helped Tiger with his putting stroke.  What struck me as unusual was the apparent tension in his left forearm.  it is not noticeable from the face-on view, but from the back you can see the firmness.  Steve wrote an article for Golf Digest in 2012 on putting and described his technique.

Often golf pros say they are doing one thing, but video shows they are doing something different.  The interesting thing about Steve Stricker’s video footage that I captured is that he does everything exactly as he described in the article.  Since Stricker analyzes his putting technique so well, I can only conclude that he gave Tiger the same advice.





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